Составьте предложения из данных слов. 1. Denmark/Norway/the Vikings/9th century/from/arrived/and/in/the.  

Составьте предложения из данных слов. 1. Denmark/Norway/the Vikings/9th century/from/arrived/and/in/the.


1. Denmark/Norway/the Vikings/9th century/from/arrived/and/in/the.

2. biggest/the/London/seventh/is/city/world’s.

3. Kings and Queens/residence/of/oldest/the/what/is/England/the/of?

4. York/capital/the/of/was/Lower Britain/provincial?

6. От следующих утверждений образуйте все возможные типы вопросов:

а) общие, в) альтернативные, с) разделительные, d) специальные, e) к подлежащему.

1. I have some pets at home.

2. You’ll get a nice present for your birthday.

3. He is driving a new Ford today.

7. Напишите множественное число существительных:

noun, lady, play, box, swine, fruit, crisis, stimulus, curriculum.

Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму.

1. I arrived home late last night.

2. They translated this text at the previous lesson.

3. Children usually sleep very soundly.

4. Tom has lost all his money.

5. Somebody will have shown up by six .

Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

Jack comes from …United Kingdom of …Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That’s … official name of … country, but there are … other names for it. He lives in … Highlands, which are in … northern part of the country. Jack is … friend from … school. In fact he is … best friend I have from there.

Откройте скобки, употребив глагол в правильной временной форме.

1. If you (not to listen) to the radio, why don’t you switch it off?

2. I (not to see) him yet, but two days ago I (to talk) to him on the phone.

3. I am writing in connection with the advertisement which (to appear) on December 3.

4. I (to try) to find a permanent job for a considerable time. I haven’t found it yet.

5. I (to read) some books by this writer, but I (not to see) this book yet.

11. Употребите глаголы to have или to be в нужной форме.

1. I … a headache since I got up.

2. For centuries cricket ... the most popular English national pastime.

3. What … you fond of? My hobby … drawing.

4. I … no time to help you yesterday. I … very sorry about it.

5. Our family … a rest in the countryside last summer.

Перепишите предложения, выбрав правильный вариант.

1. Yesterday at five John … in the park.

a) walked b) was walking c) has been walking d) is walking

2. Tom is fourteen. He … fifteen in 1981.

a) will have b)was c) has d) will be

3. The Browns have got a new car. … new car is a white Volvo.

a) An b) A c) Some d) The

4. He crossed … Atlantic in no time.

a) an b) the c) - d) any

5. Who … on Saturdays?

a) do help you b) you help c) do you help d) you do help

6. Our neighbor’ sons … come here very often.

a) doesn’t b) aren’t c) don’t d) weren’t

7. My dream is to visit … Sahara.

a) the b) a c) - d) an

8. Where … you … this weekend?

a) have … spent b) did … spend c) was … spent d) is … spent

9. We shall go to the country if the weather … fine.

a) is b) was c) will be d) has been

10. In the sitting room there … a table, four chairs, a TV-set and a sofa.

a) is b) are c) has d) have

11. I wonder what time … now.

a) it is b) it was c) it has been d) is it

12. Bright … should start school as early as possible.

a) childrens b) children c) childs d) child

13. This is … room.

a) Jane and Mary’s b) Jane’s and Mary’s c) Jane’s and Mary d) Jane and Marys

14. Man … live by bread alone.

a) do not b) does not c) is not d) was not

15. … there a good connection from the airport to the city?

a) Are b) Does c) Is d) Will